Working with the school board


WELCOME to another Joint Hagerman School District Board of Trustees Meeting.  You are encouraged to attend all regular board meetings.

We are proud of our school system and the board members are dedicated to the continued improvement of the Hagerman Schools.

We understand that from time to time patrons of school districts have concerns and feel a need to bring those concerns to the attention of the school or teachers.  In order to maintain continuity and best resolve these concerns, we recommend to our patrons the following procedures:

  1. The first and most effective step is to take the concern to the staff member who is closest to the problem.  (In many cases, this will be the teacher, coach, etc.)  We have found that most problems are resolved at this level.

  2. If there is still a concern on the matter, we then recommend that the concern be brought to the attention of the Principal.  We have found that unresolved concerts from item #1 are usually resolved satisfactorily by the building administrator.

  3. If the concern is not satisfactorily resolved at that level, then the concern should be taken to the Superintendent of Schools. Difficult concerns can usually be resolved.  In the event that the Principal is also the Superintendent, another building administrator will be involved in this step.

  4. However, if the patron still feels the concern has not been properly resolved he/she may use the right of appeal to the Board of Trustees.  This is done by calling or writing to the Superintendent and asking for the item to be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

  5. If you desire to address the board, we would like you to be as comfortable as possible.  As a board, we hold public meetings, which are not public forums and therefore have rules, which are necessary for the benefit of all.  The following guidelines will assist you as you present your information to the board.

    1. Prepare your thoughts ahead of time.  Usually a brief written outline handed to each board member helps the board follow your presentation.  This outline would also give them something upon which to make notes as you speak.

    1. If a group is involved, select one individual to be your spokesperson.  He/she can then guide the presentation with the board and help the board chair in directing questions to the group.

    1. Plan your presentation to be as brief as possible.  This should include a question/answer period.  If more time is needed it is best to give a complete written presentation to the board for their future study.  If you give more than five to six minutes of testimony, time restraints will make it difficult for the board to respond that same evening.

    1. Usually the board will direct the administration to help resolve the concerns and ask for a report back to the board at a later date.  However, please remember a solution may take time to be resolved.

We are eager to have our patrons and school staff working together for the improvement of education in the Hagerman Schools.